3 postings in a week, days of miracles aren’t over eh! Getting so much more time now that I’m settled in Asheville with a nice cozy studio and not so much crazy travel like in the past.

Reason for this post is to share a very nice experience. Now I’m not much of a one for internet shopping and stuff but I just can’t just go to the shops here and get the things I used to get back in NZ so I’ve had to resort to the internet for some vital essentials, foremost being Vegemite..I know… it’s Australian, but NZ Marmite is impossible to get here even on the net:( With my stock running perilously low I found a reasonably cheap source of Vegemite on Amazon, supplied, at equally reasonable shipping cost, from          TK Logistics in the UK, well Wales to be exact! So I duly ordered a 4 pack of 220g jars which arrived in the mail in very short order:) However I was very sad to find on opening the box that the packaging hadn’t been quite up to snuff for such glass jars and one was pretty badly smashed:( Then I gave another jar up to a friends pleading eyes which left me only 2 jars:(

Knowing I would have to reorder before too much longer I wrote to the Sales Dept. at TK-L explaining the situation and suggesting they upgrade their packaging a little to avoid future disappointment. I got a very quick and nice response from Phil, the Company Director, thanking me for bringing this to their attention and offering to compensate me for my loss, which he amazingly stood by even after I mentioned the R (ugby) word!!!!!      Today I received 8 nice discounted jars of Vegemite, extremely well packed by Phil himself, and nestle-d..haha…among the packaging some yummy commonwealth choc treats that are equally impossible to get here:) THANK YOU Phil, it’s nice to get such great personal, and humorous:):) service in today’s impersonal, high speed, technological world.

So all you kiwi/aussie itinerants out there that are suffering withdrawal and need a fix of that yeasty, sludgy nectar of the gods check out  I will certainly be continuing to get my fix from them:)

ka kite ano….Graeme

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