Back so quick!!!

Day’s of miracles aren’t over yet eh!:)

One important thing I forgot in my last post which I must give a shout out about is……

We are now the proud owners of a Robust Sweet 16 lathe. A VERY big thanks to Brent & Deb at Robust for making this possible:):)

Due to an extremely tight workshop we opted for the short bed SW16 with the removable step bed. The standard configuration suits 90% of what we do and fits the space available perfectly. And when I need to go longer or larger diameter it’s very easy and quick to unbolt the removable bed section for what ever I want to do. I didn’t have room for a tilt away tailstock but the tailstock holder that bolts on the end of the lathes is perfect for my needs and saves bending down all the way to the floor.

I got a great range of toolrests which are all a pleasure to use and the best extra Brent talked me into was a smaller banjo which is much easier to move around for smaller projects. The standard big banjo is great to for the very large projects.

I also opted for the 2hp 220v motor, it was a good choice! The lathe runs smooth and quiet and has plenty of power.

We’ve had this lathe nearly a year now and I must say is is equal to, or better than, any other lathe of it’s size in the world. The only thing I would like to see better is the operation of the indexing screw which is a little time consuming to put in and out but that is a very minor thing. Everything else has met, or exceeded, my expectations and it is a pleasure to turn on. Also from a safety aspect it is one of the few lathes that, even with a shiny polished bed, when you lock the banjo and tailstock, they stay locked!!!

It’s not a cheap lathe, but it’s worth every penny and after the last 3 years on a Jet 1220 with belt speed change I’m in 7th heaven! And above all it’s made right here in the US and Rebust’s sales and service are excellent! If you’re looking to upgrade you won’t go wrong with one of their products. Thanks again Brent & Deb:)

Yes….that’s me….wearing shoes!!!!:( But it was February!

ahhhhh…..that’s better…..and no shoes full of shavings:)

ka kite ano (catch ya later)


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