All the commercial woodburner handpieces I have ever tried have got too hot for comfort when used at high temperatures for any length of time so I am now manufacturing my own handpieces. While they still get pretty warm with extended use they do not get too hot for comfort.
The tip connectors are extended from the handle to keep the hot tip away from the handle and to allow more versatile use by being able to reach into difficult places while keeping the tips as small as possible.
There are thermal convection vent holes in the handle. It is important to hold the handle with the vent holes top and bottom and making sure your fingers don’t cover the holes. Hot air will rise through the top holes bringing cold air in the bottom holes thus keeping the handpiece cool.
The handpiece as pictured above;
  • Can be adapted to any woodburner by soldering wires (I recommend at least 14 gauge and as short as practicably possible) onto back of handpiece and wiring other end direct into your woodburner or to an appropriate connector.
  • Comes with: 1 yard each of 16/18 and 1/2 yd of 20 swg nichrome wire
  • Also comes with 2 sets of spare tip connectors.
  • COST: US$70 + US$10 p&p within Nth America. Will quote for p&p other places.
OR- same as above but pre-wired with 12 gauge monster cable and connector of choice ready to plug in to your commercial burner,
  • COST: US$100 + US$10 p&p within Nth America. Will quote for p&p other places.
You can see on my handpiece below, I have used 12 gauge audio speaker monster wire to connect it to the burner, which has very low resistance so it stays cooler at high temps and is very flexible for comfortable use.
I keep the wire as short as practically possible and on my own woodburners the handpiece is soldered directly to the transformer inside them.
In this picture I have adapted a handpiece with a phono plug to use with commercial woodburners such as Burnmaster/Detailmaster for when I am traveling.
Personally I do not like to use connectors, except where I change the tips, as they can be a source of poor connection and most are designed for use in audio applications and are not really suitable for high current applications.

High Power Woodburners

If you find your commercial burner is not powerful enough I am now building units from modified car battery chargers.

  • COST: complete with handpiece as above. US$250 + $30 p&p. USA/Canada only.
For any other information please contact me by email at graemepriddle@xtra.co.nz

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