Waka Series

Based on waka (boat/canoe) forms that I started to explore during the 2000 'International Turning Exchange' residency at The Woodturning Center, Philadelphia, USA. These pieces tell stories about travelling, homesickness and friendships.



When I started woodturning in the early 90's production bowls provided my main income using beautiful timbers and applying simple form, often adding a simple decorative element such as a small bead around the rim or carved feet. Now bowls have become canvases, taking plainer timbers and applying more complex design and surface treatments


South Pacific Vessels

A series of pieces based on South Pacific coastal environments that, like the ocean, it's surrounds and inhabitants, is constantly evolving. Design, elements and textures reflect waves that wash upon the shore and the driftwood, shells and starfish that they leave behind.


Outdoor Sculpture

During the last 10 years I have been working on larger scale outdoor sculpture. Mostly off the lathe using chainsaws, and various power and hand carving tools.


Collaborative work

In 1996 I attended the first 'Emma Lake' collaborative conference in Northern Saskatchewan. This event had such a profound effect on me I returned home and, with a group of dedicated Northland artists and craftspeople, established 'CollaboratioNZ'. Similar events have also been happening in the USA and Australia. These events provide a free environment for artists/craftspeople in all media to come together and explore collaborative possiblities as well as share cultures. Here are some results of collaborative work I have had a hand in creating with friends met at these events.


Other media

Work from a Steel/Concrete sculpture class at Arrowmont.



Simple turned vessels created as canvases for carving, burning, texture and paint representing the natural world around me. Designs representative of my native home in New Zealand, my new home in Asheville, North Carolina and travels in far flung places.


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